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Charles and Doosurgh Abaagu Foundation SWW will support capacity building for youths and women in the community.  This we do in the form of knowledge building and experience shearing, skills-training and governance, as well as youth education in the community of target.

This programme seeks to identify, harness, and develop community resources that will promote educational development of the youth. It employs strategies such as research, strategic partnership as well as training; PRIORITIES: educational scholarship and support for youths (girls and boys), women and the differently able in tertiary institutions of learning.


The programme priority includes Engaging youth in empowerment programs by providing education and vocational training for in and out of school youth towards the acquisition of sustainable means of livelihood. They would be trained to acquire skills and good values in areas of patriotism, honesty, accountability and respect for human beings. This is to enable them to be good citizens in the society.

We at the foundation will mainstreaming youth-led challenges of governance, peace building/conflict resolution, gender disparity, human rights and financial intelligence and empowerment programs that will help provide the youths with adequate information which will provide clear direction, awareness, The programme targets women and youth groups using the STRATEGIES of sensitization, capacity building and networking.


Our mentoring and networking events and programs are aimed at bringing experienced and matured personalities in the society in contact with youths and creating the platform for positive influence and relationship.

This is aimed at building in the youth as well as adults a capacity of independence thinking through positive mind. On the other hand this mentoring program will help in building in the adults the ability to allow children make their mistakes and learn from them.  


Charles and Doosurgh Abaagu Foundation through its strategic partnership, will channel information and experiences from community level to policy-makers and other influential actors to facilitate policy dialogue, this will be done in partnership with other organizations with similar objectives, vision and mission for the development of youths (girls and boys).