Charles & Doorsurgh Abaagu
CHARLES & DOOSURGH ABAAGU FOUNDATION is a nongovernmental organization that believes in supporting through investing in the tomorrow of our young people by mentoring them through new ways of doing things through partnership with community, and other groups for the purpose of community development and self discovery projects. It was founded in Abuja Nigeria in 2012 to commemorate one year Remembrance of CHARLES ABAAGU and also immortalize the name of DOOSURGH ABAAGU.

CHARLES LUBEM ABAAGU was a student of social and community development, at the American University Yola, Nigeria and died on September 2011 in the hands of assassins, at the age of 28years.

Charles Lubem Abaagu during his life time loved working with youths and was sensitive to the less privileged in the society and wanted to assist by sharing and giving. He also desired that youth especially the girl child should grow up in the way of the Lord.  It is therefore in the desire and hope to continue with the dreams of Late Charles Lubem Abaagu that the Foundation was established to assist youths in our society in the areas of Education, Health and other related areas.
The First edition of the Charles & Doosurgh Abaagu Foundation. The road of life is strewn with the bodies of promising people.

Charles and Doosurgh Abaagu Foundation SWW will support capacity building for youths and women in the community. This we do in the...
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The programme priority includes Engaging youth in empowerment programs by providing education and vocational training for in and out of school...
Our mentoring and networking events and programs are aimed at bringing experienced and matured personalities in the society in contact...
Charles and Doosurgh Abaagu Foundation through its strategic partnership, will channel information and experiences from community level to...


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AIMS & OBJECTIVES                                                                                                            
  • To mentor young people and give inspirational talks, give educational scholarship to the less privileged young boys and girls especially those in the rural area and most vulnerable but talented to pursue their educational career;

  • To strengthen capacities of young people through education and empowerment thereby improving their lives;
  • To provide platforms to connect young peers to grapple similar development issues and challenges in the society;
  • To initiate, encourage, promote and develop cooperation and all matters concerning the rights and welfare of young people;
  • To foster creative thinking leading to innovative solutions to the problems/challenges of young people;
  • To build the confidence of our youth to serve as advocates in the pursuit of peace, integrity, justice and catalyst for positive change in the society.