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Y Dream Project

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The road of life is strewn with the bodies of promising people. People, who show promise, yet lack the confidence to act. People who make promises they are unable to keep. People who promise to do tomorrow what they could do today; Promising young stars, athletes, entrepreneurs who wait for promises to come through; Promises that most of the times end up in the grave. Our mission is to turn the promises of our young people into a sustainable plan. Often times There have been very many pertinent Questions posed by youths at different spheres of life and forums;

a)    Why Lead?

b)    How do I Thrive in the Social Space?

c)    Mentoring the GenerationNext Ladies?

d)    How do I turn my dreams into profit?

Based on these very pertinent questions, the C&DAF in the Y DREAM Project will throw more light on developing strategies for effective entrepreneurship development through;


This aims at Bringing into contact with the target group business executives, African leaders, role models and members of the professional academia. With this we believe will go a long way to inspire our young people to become goal getters in life.

This will feature:

1.    Innovation & Creativity:  Turning Dreams into Profit

2.    Beyond the classroom: Experience Sharing

3.    Thriving in the Social Space: ICT & Development

During the course, participants will develop competences and tools to strengthen their voice with regards to poverty eradication and social cohesion in community development process.

Furthermore, the activity will offer unique moments of practical and excellent space for strategic networking and partnership; this dimension we believe will most strongly be encouraged by the team of facilitators as well as resource persons.

The two (2) day course will gather close to 50 participants mostly youths. It is designed using a process of mutual learning, being the participants’ experiences setting the starting point of the discussion process. Active participation and in-depth reflection are key features of the discussion. Participants will compare their approaches to youth work and youth participation.

This discussion is an opportunity for youth leaders to share better understand and integrate their set objectives in their work and contributes to their achievement as this will help enable youth to take an active part in strategic development at the state and national and be further equipped to actively and meaningfully participate.

Criteria for participation;

We are looking for youths with the following profile:

  • Should Under 35 years;
  • Experienced in conceptualizing, implementing and evaluation.
  • Previous Knowledge on entrepreneurship, active citizenship as well as development issues.
  • Teamwork skills and facilitation skills: good listener, be able to summarize and rephrase arguments, be able to stimulate active participation; be able to take into account both the process and the outcome; be constructive and positive towards unforeseen situations;
  • Creative: creativity will be a key factor in the assessment in the training
  • Language skills: at least a very good command of English language.
  • Trainers should actively contribute to all phases of the training, including preparation, implementation of training sessions, evaluation and reporting.

Before applying, please take a look at the profile and realistically assess whether you have the skills and knowledge required.

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